Bonus Referral Program

Get Your Referral $Cash$Now!

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Earn Passive Income. Up to $5,000 for a Single Referral/Customer!


Earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars for referring friends and neighbors to MR&C!

Customers and associates may earn Cash, by referring potential customers to MR&C. McGuire Roofing and Construction encourages customers and associates to refer friends and neighbors to our services and offers up to $5,000.00 cash for doing so!

For the purpose of this bonus program, a “Referral” will be defined as follows:

• Offered in good faith by a customer or associate of McGuire Roofing and Construction.
• Owner(s) of property (home, business or rental)
• Have a current need for a complete roof replacement.
• Sets and attends a pre-scheduled appointment with McGuire Roofing and Construction Roofing/Insurance Specialist for the purpose of inspecting and evaluating their property for repairs (NO FEE OR OBLIGATION TO THE PERSON REFERRED).

McGuire Roofing and Construction gives your friends, neighbors and associates a comprehensive inspection, using digital pictures, insurance software and region-standard pricing criteria. Our Roofing Specialists are professionally trained, courteous and thorough – saving our customers thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses and future roof repairs. If our Specialists find damage, they’ll generate a professional report and present it to the property owner and/or insurance agent(s) where applicable.


McGuire Roofing and Construction will mail a refer a bonus check of up to 5% of the net invoice for referrals completed and paid in full by their Referral, based on the following scale and *criteria.
o 1% over $5,000 and under $8,000
o 1 ½% over $8,000 and under $10,000
o 2% over $10,000 and under $15,000
o 2 ½% over $15,000 and under $20,000
o 3% over $20,000 and under $30,000
o 4% over $30,000 and under $40,000
o 5% over $40,000 (maximum $5,000)

1. Referrals received will be processed immediately and called to schedule appointments.
2. Referral names will be logged under the appropriate customer or associates file and credited accordingly for payment when due.
3. Payment for referrals are due immediately upon the first payroll following a qualified and confirmed appointment, in accordance with criteria and definition of a “Referral” as stated above. Recipients of cash bonus are responsible for state, local and federal taxes.
4. MCGUIRE ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION shall not be held responsible for retroactive referral payment(s) to any person(s) or entities. Referrals given to MCGUIRE ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION outside of the scope of these guidelines herein, shall not be subject to its rules and may not be paid or bound to be paid for any amount at any time. Referral bonus or payments of any kind are at the total discretion and courtesy of SRE and may be denied or withdrawn at any time without cause.
5. The referral program does not cover any repair work of any kind.