Wood Flooring

Natural hardwood flooring enhances the loveliness of your room or office decor. Furniture looks elegant on hardwood, especially when you have new flooring with the natural luster of a quality product. McGuire Roofing and Construction Flooring has many different hardwoods, unique beauties in different colors, grains and textures. We cater to the homeowner or commercial budget and style. Choose pre-finished hardwood flooring for an immediate improvement in your home’s appearance. However, if you enjoy do-it-yourself home remodel projects, we can install unfinished wood floors for you to paint or stain.

Our professionals at McGuire Roofing and Construction will assist you in choosing the perfect traditional or exotic hardwood flooring from our extensive and affordable selection. Bamboo wood is a durable and naturally renewable resource that adds an exotic charm to your home. Bamboo plants mature quickly. Some varieties are ready for harvesting only 6 years after planting. Parquet floors offer texture and contrast with their multi-grain patterns. Our solid engineered wood floors are very strong with several layers of wood. Additionally, McGuire Roofing and Construction carries a complete line of traditional hardwoods in several colors. Whether you aim for homey informality or classic refinement, McGuire Roofing and Construction has a wood floor for you.

However, selecting the perfect flooring material is just the beginning. You need trained professionals to lay the flooring, which is more than simply gluing or nailing planks. Your hardwood floor sits on top of a sub-floor. Nailed or stapled hardwoods require an underlay as a barrier against moisture. Moisture causes the boards to warp or pop up. Glued hardwood floors generally do not need an underlay, but it depends on the humidity in your home as well as the moisture content in the concrete foundation. There are different types of underlays, each one to correct a specific problem.

McGuire Roofing and Construction serves the commercial market of offices, shops and hotels. Give your offices or shops an upscale appearance during your next remodel. We work large and small jobs. So many stores have vinyl tile that customers immediately notice when they walk into a shop with hardwood floors. Your merchandise looks classy. Professionals can impress clients with your success as you show off a new McGuire Roofing and Construction wood floor.

You do not have to worry about an uneven or sweating foundation when you purchase flooring from McGuire Roofing and Construction flooring department. We will install your wood floors in an expert manner, assuring you many years of beauty and reliable service.